Starting with version 0.8, Suzieq has a GUI. The GUI is included in the same docker container, netenglabs/suzieq, as the rest of the suzieq pieces such as the REST server, the poller and the CLI. However, its recommended to launch a separate instance of the docker container that just runs the GUI.

To launch the docker container running the GUI, you can do: docker run -it -v <parquet-out-local-dir>:/home/suzieq/parquet -p 8501:8501 --name suzieq netenglabs/suzieq:latest

And at the prompt you can type suzieq-gui & and detach from the container via the usual escape sequence CTRL-P CTRL-Q

Now you can connect to localhost:8501 or to the host's IP address and port 8501 (for example, and enjoy the GUI (ignore the external URL thats displayed when you launch the GUI).

GUI arguments

The SuzieQ GUI can be simply started, as shown above, typing the command suzieq-gui. Some additional arguments are allowed to set up the GUI:

  • -p --port: defines in which port the GUI is going to run. By default is 8501
  • -c --config: SuzieQ configuration file to use. Check the Configuration page to check the default configuration file location.