Starting with version 0.8, Suzieq has a GUI. The GUI is included in the same docker container, netenglabs/suzieq, as the rest of the suzieq pieces such as the REST server, the poller and the CLI. However, its recommended to launch a separate instance of the docker container that just runs the GUI.

To launch the docker container running the GUI, you can do: docker run -itd -v <host parquet dir>:/suzieq/parquet -p 8501:8501 --name suzieq netenglabs/suzieq:latest

Now attach to the docker container via: docker attach suzieq

And at the prompt you can type suzieq-gui & and detach from the container via the usual escape sequence CTRL-P CTRL-Q

Now you can connect to localhost:8501 or to the host's IP address and port 8501 (for example, and enjoy the GUI (ignore the external URL thats displayed when you launch the GUI).